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أنشئت شركة اميت عام 2011 ومنذ ذلك الحين تعد إحدى الشركات الرائدة في مجال تطوير البرمجيات وتطبيقات الويب والمواقع الإلكترونية، فنحن ننتج حلول تقنية لقطاعات أعمال مختلفة تتميز بواجهة مهنية مرنة وسهلة الاستخدام. ولانكتفي بهذا فقط فنحن نقدم أيضًا لعملائنا تصميمات فريدة وأنيقة للمواقع الإلكترونية كما نوفر لهم خدمات استضافة عالية الكفاءة، مما يمكنهم من التميز في عالم الإنترنت

As for the Business we can

Build loyalty, Connect you with consumers, Increase sellthrough and More..


التصميم و التطوير

فريق عمل شركة أميت لدية الخبرة والموهبة في وضعك خارج زحام التشابه عن طريق اختيار وتنفيذ تصميم ذو واجهة مناسبة وفريدة وجذابة.

تطبيقات الجوال

نقوم بتصميم برامج الجوال بجميع انواعها الاندرويد و الآيفون من خلال الفريق الاعلي احترافية من مبرمجين ومصممين ونقوم بوضع خطة تسويقية كاملة للبرنامج لتحقيق اعلي الارباح

تصميم و تطوير المواقع

تصميم ذكي متفاعل وعصري. اعلى درجات الحماية بإستخدام احدث تقنيات تطوير المواقع.

مشروع تم تنفيذه
سطر برمجى
سنوات الخبرة


Extra Offerz

1- Extra Offerz App is now available in UAE
2- Discover more than 10,000 offers from all categories and different stores in UAE.
3- Search for the top offers from over 1,500 retailers in UAE.
4- Help you find all offers from stores in your area.
5- Easy for you to save a lot of money through thousands of offers in all categories such as fashion, cafes & restaurants, hypermarkets, health & fitness, electronics & computers, Pets, etc.
6- Find the stores addresses, contacts, opening hours, websites and social links.
7- Share your best offers with your friends and family.



School Communicator

App is a revolutionary mobile communication tool between a school, its students and their parents which helps keep the parents informed, happy and impressed.

  • School News Feed: Now you can share up to date news and information about the school via the App in a central area where all parents can see and share with others.
  • School Photos & Videos: Catch the latest glimpses of your school via the app.
  • School Calendar: Access your school calendar from various perspectives: Academic, examination, festivals, cultural, religious, etc (as defined by the school)


Dar AlMaarefa

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AMIT events management

AMIT events management app can help you stay organized and minimize the stress involved when planning an event. It focuses on event registration and easily check attendees in with their QR scanner. You can also use the app to print badges. It is a multi-event app, your attendees can download just one app to access all of your events


AMIT marketplace solution

AMIT marketplace solution is a multi-vendor online store that enables consumers to shop for a variety of products and brands from multiple vendors across multiple locations. It makes it convenient for businesses to list and sell their products by taking care of all the operational aspects (from providing a platform, integrating with payment providers, to managing customer service) providing customers a plethora of options while ensuring quality. Our main idea behind AMIT marketplace solution is to build a community around the common needs of retailers and consumers.


AMIT Retail Solution

Join over 15,000 happy retailers worldwide using their own mobile apps for increasing their sales. Easily manage and grow your retail business from anywhere in the world. Get your cashiers out from behind the counter and start selling to your customers no matter where you are. The APP is customizable, and will allow you to delight your customers with quick transactions and reduced waiting times. Quickly accept payments on-the-go with a range of mobile payment options from leading merchant providers around the world.


طلب عرض سعر

فرع دبى

  • M 03, EMGATE Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Same side with Mazaya Center,Same Building with Deals on Wheels,Near to Business Bay Metro Station.
  • +971 - 52 70 52 707
  • ساعات العمل 9ص - 6م

فرع السعودية

  • King So’ud Street , Al Dakatra District , Al Dammam.
  • +966 - 56 06 97 597
  • ساعات العمل 9ص - 9م

فرع مصر

  • El Salam Tower, Cornish El Maadi, next to El Salam International Hospital, 2nd Floor, Cairo , Egypt.
  • +20 - 10 96 97 1990
  • ساعات العمل 9ص - 6م

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